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A warm welcome to my Spiritual Masterclass for Business Rockstars -

A warm welcome to a new world of you

In this masterclass I share everything with you: my energy, my ease, my clarity and all of my knowledge around building, leading and up-levelling a successful and joyful business. Come join this 3 month class and let me be your muse and companion on your way to your soul of everything: your soul business with your soul clients and most importantly living your soul life.

In this masterclass you'll get:

  • 3 months of you and me and us

  • 3 months of a total mindset shifting transformation = let your mindset become your inner rockstar

  • intensive group coaching calls twice a week

    • workshops for your business growth

    • spiritual sessions for your inner growth

  • expert talks meeting your needs

  • special prices for single sessions with me during this time

  • dive into my energy of prosperity, ease, clarity and lifestyle joy and start running or changing your business and life into the most fun thing ever and attract the customers you want to have

3 months with you and me and us for €6000 + VAT

+ 1 bonus month for an additional €1000 + VAT only

I love to join
Mädchen auf einem Penny Board

This masterclass is for you when...

  • you have understood that having a business strategy is one thing, but believing that you can have it all is on a totally different page

  • you want strategy yes but mindset at the same time

  • you are convinced that going together gets you further faster

  • you already have your own business but want an extra boost

  • you want to dive into my motivating, energizing and inspiring energy of ease, joy and prosperity. I'll show you how I manifest everything I want by just choosing it

  • you sometimes loose your focus and need an extra clarity check by an outside person

  • you are tired of struggling and the hustle without getting anywhere

  • you know transformation starts from the inside before it can show on the outside

  • you are ready to commit yourself to this group, to your business, to yourself

  • your are ready to grow on all levels of your life and you are done leading a "normal" life

  • you just know there is so much more to come and you can have it!

This masterclass is not for you when...

  • you rather go alone or prefer one-on-one coachings

  • you just want to check out this class from time to time but are not ready to commit to your personal growth and don't want to show up fully

  • you have no business yet at all or are in the very first steps still

  • everything runs as smoothly as can be already

  • you are totally fact oriented and have no sense for a spiritual touch at all

  • you want to be rich overnight - I won't promise you that.

  • you are not ready to say yes to your soul yet.

Other than that:

You are so very welcome to join

and spend the next months together with me

to become the Business Rockstar that you truly are.

Frau sitzt auf dem Dach
Yes, I'd love to join
Zu Hause studieren

What I still need to know...

Denise, you are German. This page is in English. Is this masterclass available in English only?

Yes and no. My clients are cosmopolitans who travel the world and feel at home wherever they are... just as I do. For me and for them, English feels as natural as German. So therefore I do switch languages all the time and right now, it felt like producing this page in English. 

So, if you were able to unterstand this page, you will be fine in the masterclass.

Just for the fun of it, I write this offer for my masterclass in English with a German accent.

How often and where will we meet?

We will meet via Zoom twice a week for our live sessions.

All our sessions are uploaded in a complimentary Facebook Group for you to replay over and over if needed and for group activity and connection. 

When does it start?

Happy Spring! Let's kick it off in March! A new spring, a new bloom, a new lifestyle, a new you! So, let's use this energy to kick it all off and getting started. So by the time summer kicks in and the nature is light and bright, so are you. Let's bring the sparkle into your life.

Our first life session will be on March 16th at 2p.m. 

Let's get together as a group, get to know each other, learn where we are coming from and where we want to go. 

If you can't make it, don't worry. It's just the house warming party before we really get started working together.

Are you ready to getting started?

Are you ready to saying yes to soul?

Are you ready to saying yes to yourself?

I am so ready to say yes
Fashion Business
Eine Frau an Bord einer Yacht

Just once again... why exactly do you do this in English?

Honestly? This is my mindset experiment. I do one each year and this is it for 2021.

One thing you will learn from me is to always and already do what you one day want to have in your life.

One day in this beautiful future I am so utterly convinced that I will live in LA for good and work with American clients half of my time.

So I am doing now what I want to bring into my life later.

Does this make sense to you? Hang in there. After working with me it will!

So again, as honest as I can be... I am quite sure, there will be Germans only signing up for this Masterclass, but the energy that's in it is of my future self and my future life. How cool is that!?!?!

Start here with your first assignment for this class: How does your future you look like, live like, behave like, feel like? Take a piece of paper and write that down now (or book this class first and then take the time to answer these questions above).

So Denise, who are you?

As Your Prosperity Queen I am always by your side for you to live, laugh and love bigger, to expand into a new version of you. To live a life led by soul and being as much of you as you can be.

With me as your travel companion on this journey of your life you can release your caterpillar state and become the butterfly that you are. 

Let go of the old "I hold myself back" version of you and grow into your new, bigger and more suitable version of yourself...

...and become the Rockstar that you truly are. Release all tension. Just do what is meant for you. No more hustle in order to succeed. Just pure love in everything you do.

Take me as your step stone on your way to becoming your own LIFESTYLE PROSPERITY QUEEN living a life led by soul - become the ROCKSTAR of your life!

Feel welcome to work with me as your muse, your guide, your companion by your side.

With my deepest love and heart-connection to you,


Yours Denise

Yes, show me my future me
Yes, you're cool. Let's do this!
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