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Your Birthday Video Reading

Your Birthday Video Reading


HAPPY BIRTHDAY! A birthday is always a great idea for a personal card reading. Let's find out what the cards want you to know about your new year of life.

Do you prefer a general reading - meaning the cards choose what they want you to know - or do you want me to pull the cards on a certain topic you are especially interested in?

Just let me know and I'll record your personal HAPPY BIRTHDAY video for you.

  • More Information

    Video link will be sent out to you about 1 week after your booking.

    Please use the question boy prior to your booking to send me your questions. Or email me what you want to ask the cards.

  • Return Policy

    Since this is a personal reading for you, no returns are possible.

  • How you get your video.

    I'll send you your personal video link via email. I'll use the mail you were sending you were using in the booking process. Please check your spam as well if you haven't heart from me a week after your booking.

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